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Gîte de l'Étoile

Sleeps 14 people

270 m2

6 x Single Bed | 4 x Queen Bed

For a relaxing break in the heart of the Pays de Bray, come and stay in this 17th-century farmhouse. Isolated and therefore

romain and Emilie have preserved the authenticity of the premises while adding a modern touch.

The accommodation

First floor: open-plan kitchen (gas piano with oven, microwave, dishwasher, freezer),...

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Cottage Amenities





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L'étoile de Forges - Forges les Eaux - Normandie - séjour en famille Normandie - gîte équipé -



Great weekend!
A magnificent estate for a perfect wedding.
We were delighted with the freshly renovated reception hall, full of charm with its old bricks. A little extra with its large checkroom, large kitchen and reserved access for the caterer.
The gîte, adjoining the hall, has 14 beds divided into 4 bedrooms, and is well thought out, allowing us to live in total autonomy from the reception hall.
As for the grounds, there's nothing to say: the pretty courtyard is ideal in case of rain, but also for protection from the heat.
Émilie, the owner, is always available and attentive.
We recommend this place to all those who want to gather in numbers.

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At L'Étoile de Forges, we're welcomed into a magnificent gîte by Émilie, our host for the weekend.
A renovated former farmhouse, it boasts a beautiful, light-filled room, a former courtyard for great photos and the gîte, which can accommodate guests.
You also have a beautiful estate with animals in a paddock.
We also opted for the bridal suite. We were not disappointed with the service.
Émilie is responsive and attentive to your needs. At no time did we feel stressed because she took care of every little detail.
You can go with your eyes closed, very professional service.
With Covid 19, we had to postpone our wedding and change a few details right up to the last minute. But everything went really well and was very warm.
We'll never forget this day, thank you and maybe we'll see you soon to enjoy this magnificent estate again.

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Magnificent venue with an incredible charm. The reception room is superb, as are the grounds, allowing you to dine in peace and quiet in a sublime setting. The gîte is great too, large and quiet, perfect for relaxing on vacation or for a weekend. The owners are very kind and attentive. I highly recommend this little paradise

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Émilie was available from start to finish with extraordinary kindness.
The location was perfect and made an impression on each of our guests. Everyone was delighted.
A very practical courtyard for the vin d'honneur, for shade in the heat or shelter from the rain.
The room is very functional, and the terrace with its view over the valley is breathtaking. Exposed stonework and beams give it a chic, modern, old-fashioned feel.
The availability of both round and rectangular tables leaves the bride and groom free to choose the layout of the room.
The gîte is very practical for welcoming close family to sleep in, and even for children to eat and play.
We highly recommend this venue.

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